The Art of Problem Solving.
I'll be sharing my own tools and tricks that I've developed and perfected over the years, which have helped me to optimize my VFX workflow and enhance my techniques.
These are some of the latest tools overviews published and are available​.
In the VFX industry, efficiency is key my Nuke tools are free, open-source and constantly being improved for optimal performance.

Enhance the intricacy of your CG renders swiftly with the ability to fine-tune all your noise patterns.

  • Quickly noises patterns.
  • 2D and full Deep workflow.
  • Export your noises.

This gizmo allows you to change the reference frame from the STMap node itself, invert the transformation and allows adding motion blur.

  • Change directly your reference frame.
  • Invert you motion applied.
  • Apply vector motion blur.

Create refractions effects directly from nuke, using a geometry and a camera. It allows you to simulate different optical effects to achieve a result similar to glass.

  • Nice fake refractions.
  • Simple controls of all optical effects.

Use aePrefMaker yo create a pref pass with your geo and camera directly in nuke.

  • Automatically finds your UVs.
  • Set your render quality.

Use aeUVChart to manage your uvs and export it, especially when you have all of them in different coordinates.

  • Automatically finds your UVs.
  • Export directly your template.
  • Choose specific uv.

Make relights of our footage without needed any render passes. It’s especially useful when we try to illuminate smoke or atmospheric elements.

  • Fake relight effect from 2D elements.
  • Set the emboss and light direction.

Smart transforms with a very light gizmo.Without slowing down your scripts.

  • Working inside with stamps.
  • Fast and easy to use.

Fill elements that you want to erase from the plate without losing the detail of the surface, powered by blink script.

  • Keep the footage detail and texture.
  • Displace your filled path.

It is a gizmo to break your shapes in an organic and fast way, automatically or with all kinds of controls.

  • Easy random distortions.
  • Extra distortion knobs.

Corner pin upgrade with which you can make offset in all the sides and use reference guide lines. Is implemented in nuke export options.

  • Offset the sides in perspective.
  • Extra guides.

Simple way to give a realistic anamorphic look to your compositions with real distortion charts and automatic breathing.

  • Auto focus puller with breathing.
  • Real anamorphic distortions.

Light gizmo with which you can smartly break the edges of your mattes, adapting to the luminosity of the plate.

  • Simple solution to break edges.
  • Smart and noise break.
aeMotionBlur v1.0

Add extra motion blur to yout shots using footage moton vector or directional one..

  • Using the motion of the footage.
  • Easy to mask without goshting.
  • Custom directional mb.