I'm a digital compositor who combines technical know-how with a passion for making creative ideas a reality.
With my background in math and programming, I approach my work with a procedural mindset, which really helps me tackle any project that comes my way.Additionally, my contributions to the Nuke community can be found on this website in the form of various tools I have developed and tutorials about different topics.
My aim is to continue pursuing my passion for visual effects as both an artist and developer, collaborating with talented individuals on remarkable projects.
Over the last few years I've got a solid understanding of photography and lighting, and I am also highly passionate about emerging technologies, particularly Deep Learning. To further my expertise, I am currently enrolled in an advanced course focused on the development of tools for VFX utilizing Machine Learning. I believe that challenges are opportunities for growth, and I strive to find the right solution and workflow to overcome them. I am a lifelong learner and see limitless potential for growth and advancement in this field.
I aspire to be a driving force in the evolution of VFX and to use my skills in mathematics and programming to create innovative and efficient workflows. I also hope to support others in their professional journeys and never lose my love for creation. To me, a solid understanding of mathematical and programming fundamentals is crucial for mastering software and pushing the boundaries of creativity.
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